5 Messy Activities that you can use a smock for

by Dmitry Dyakin on May 19, 2022

 5 Messy Activities that you can use a smock for
Children LOVE to get messy but the adults DO NOT LOVE the clean up. We have put together 5 activities that you can do with your smock bib that will keep your little one Tidy while they play their little hearts out. Once you are done throw the smock into the washing machine for an easy clean.

Painting - We all know painting is something that we wish we could be more free with but you fear that they are going to wipe their hands on their clothes. Well our smock bib goes over your little ones clothes (excluding thick jumpers) so you don’t have to strip them down for use. Then they can get as messy as they like while being as creative as they want.

Water play - This is a great activity and can be done in many different ways. Outside with a bucket cleaning different toys, inside on the floor on a messy mat in a sheet tray for Bub to splash around on or ‘washing the dishes’ in the sink for hours of fun. To save their clothes from getting drenched add a smock bib to save wet clean up.

Hair cuts - There is nothing worse that when you get your hair done you get those little hairs everywhere and sometimes Kids don’t like to not have access to their hands with the complete over body aprons, besides black is boring. The Tidy Baby Smock bib is a colourful way to throw over your little one in the salon, once they have finished their hair cut just roll it up and into the wash when you get home.

Cooking - All kids love to be where you are and being in the kitchen is no exception. Mixing that batter for the cake or cupcakes, whisking those eggs for breakfast or even cutting up fruit for a snack but alas can be very messy. By simply having a smock bib on stand-by too, save those clothes is a must.

Finally Obleek play (AKA Goop) - This has become a popular one as when you first touch it it is hard, then as you try to pick it up it runs away like thick liquid. Part water, Part corn flour and any food colour you like. Throw some toys in there, put on your smock bib and get Messy. It’s great for children's fine motor development as they are moving their hands through out the changing textures. Plus it also encourages cognitive development as there is the constant change via cause and effect. This is probably one of my fav activities for play but least to clean up. I definitely recommend this one is used with a messy mat !

Have you tired any of the above ? How did you go and which was your favourite?
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