Messy starts with Tidy and as we know babies are naturally curious and fascinated by the world as they grow and develop. Things that were unattainable become second nature to them very quickly. They start exploring, experimenting and getting themselves messy. With food, within their environment, during play and out and about. We all know they are messy, but no one tells you how messy until you have your own!

As new parents, when you are trying to tick the list of what you might need to keep your baby looked after, keep your baby safe, engaged and have fun at the same time, you really have no idea where to start.

You walk into a baby shop for the first time with a purpose of getting everything on that list, you are immediately overwhelmed by the choice and the amount of decisions you need to make. Things exist that you never knew existed, or how to use them. You get excited by the proposition of what to buy to set up your child’s life.

With that overwhelming experience of catering for your baby, ‘Tidy Babies’ was established by Indiana and Dmitry as a way to help parents get what they need to keep babies tidy and as mess free as possible.

Both of us have experienced that overwhelming feeling of being a new parent, trying to find things that work, that are safe, that are practical. It’s time consuming and you always try to look for something special for your child. Sometimes it’s more for us than them!

Our son Nikolai is our inspiration. A boisterous, headstrong now 3 years old individual who is a whirlwind of energy and personality. Always curious, always independent, always getting himself messy by exploring the world around him. Now joined by his younger brother Luka who has started his feeding journey, and it's a messy one!

Inspired by Nikolai’s drive, energy and that messiness of his, we started thinking about how to keep him tidy and be practical plus have fun doing it.

With that in mind ‘Tidy Babies’ concept was born. A shop where parents can find safe, practical and unique accessories all in one place to cater for different activities.

With months of planning and research, trialing and experimenting with the range and personally approved by Nikolai, we’ve created offerings to keep your babies tidy during meal time, teething time and play time.

As we grow with your help, we’ll continue working on bigger and better offerings to make it that little bit easier for you. We would love to hear your suggestions about what you would like us to stock.

We also welcome our customers to get in touch to provide feedback on their purchases and experience with us.

Thank you for your support and trust in us to keep your babies tidy!